Wolfey Strong

As you may know Michael Wolfe was diagonsed with Burkitt's Lymphoma/Stage 3.  The whole story is better explained on a community page on facebook - Prayers for Michael.  If you are on facebook hit search and it is the 1st one to come up.  If you are not on facebook - the page is open to non facebook users as well.  Here is a picture of what the page looks like


Ten days before the reunion at our last meeting we discussed giving a few hundred dollars to the Sterling Schools Foundation- if we had any $ left over.  Nick Kyarsgaard said "##%% that any $ left over we send to Neil's family".  On the Monday before the reunion Mike Ceruzzi decided to order 20 Wolfey Strong button\Pin. ($95 with expediated shipping).  The idea was to give them with a $50 or more donation. I sent a text to Nick and Don stating that our new goal was to raise at least $1000 off of these pins- they agreed!  We sold Mulligans at the golf outing (which raised $130) and then took the buttons to the Friday night meet up.  After Friday night we had about $500.  On Saturday night after the group picture we announced we were selling the buttons but also had a card for anyone to sign for the Wolfe family.  We put a donation jar there as well.  Many people that made the larger donation and received a button would come up to us and give it back so it could be sold again!  By Sunday Morning we had raised $1299!  Our theme of the weekend was 88 and 1988- so we did not stop until we had raised the additional $ to land on $1988.  Thank you for your generosity!

Now we had to decide how to get the card, a few reunion shirts and the donation to the Wolfe family.  We discussed driving out but when we realized that it was 17 hours each way- we needed a quicker solution.  Also, Donna was on to us- she was liking pictures on facebook where people had on the buttons and then signed Neil up on the website- so we knew we had to contact them and let them know what we had for them.  After a brief email exchange on Monday we set up a skpye event for Tuesday night at 7 p.m. central.  On short notice the following friends were able to attend- Kory and Laura Kunde, Mike and Tootie Ceruzzi, Dani Clark, Tracey Hunsberger, Nick Kyarsgaard and Ken Ronzone.  We of course started 30 minutes late and had technical issues (thanks to John See for logging in and fixing them).  At about 8:00 we were live and had about an hour and half conversation where we laughed alot, cried some, learned more about how they discovered this and how they will use the $1988 we are sending them-(I will let them explain it later its really cool).  Here are the pictures from Tuesday Night:

Here is a picture of the card we are sending and the cashiers check!




What can we do now?  Keep the Wolfe family in your thoughts and prayers, you can send an email to them, facebook message, ect!  Thanks to all who donated and all who are sending prayers to the Wolfe Family!